Shawarma as a business
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Shawarma as a business

Starting a business promises excellent prospects in terms of profitability, and shawarma as a business is a good option. You can start your entrepreneurial journey immediately with the information in this article.

How to open a shawarma – business plan

Shawarma, a globally cherished “street food,” offers significant profit potential for entrepreneurs. Nonetheless, launching a shawarma business demands careful reflection on several vital factors.

Location Considerations

Shawarmas are known for their tasty flavors and health benefits, and they can bring in significant sales in the right spot. A wrong location can prevent potential customers from enjoying your food and limit sales.

Consider setting up your shop near parks or centers, attracting many visitors and boosting sales. Also, malls, stadiums, and amusement parks are great places to sell shawarmas because of the high foot traffic.

Budget Considerations

Starting a profitable business requires knowing the essential costs. Starting without a clear financial plan can lead to sustainability issues due to underestimated expenses. Additionally, considering a loan to boost your business setup is an option if it fits your budget plan.

Choosing Between Sit-in or Takeout for Your Shop

Both the sit-in and takeout models offer distinct benefits. Takeout options typically incur lower costs due to reduced spatial needs, whereas sit-in establishments require more space to accommodate patrons.

Opting for a sit-in model in your shawarma restaurant can enhance customer relationships, enriching their dining experience and fostering loyalty. This approach is ideally suited for a stationary location, whereas takeout models can excel in a mobile setting.

shawarma sale
Shawarma sale

In conclusion, it’s essential to consider each model’s advantages and drawbacks, keeping your business objectives and the desired customer experience at the forefront. Avoid allowing initial expenses to overshadow long-term strategic decisions.

Steps to Launching a Shawarma Business

Launching a shawarma business requires adherence to specific regulations and a deep understanding of several critical aspects to ensure smooth operations. It’s essential to develop a complete business plan that outlines your operational strategy, business name, objectives, feasibility studies, budget considerations, potential challenges, and strategies for overcoming them.

Key Steps to Consider:

  1. Understanding Business Essentials: Mastering the basics is crucial in the shawarma business. This includes knowing how to make shawarma, from spices and meats to toppings and pita wraps, and being adept at each step of its preparation. Experience in customer service and shop management also dramatically helps. While some have transitioned from cooking for friends to running successful restaurants, they’ve encountered challenges and learned key lessons. Success in the shawarma industry requires both culinary skills and business acumen.
  2. Engage Your Social Media Audience: The impact of captivating food visuals on social media is undeniable, especially for restaurants and shawarma spots showcasing their tempting dishes. Known as “food porn,” this trend captivates audiences and sparks cravings instantly. Enhance your shawarma business by excelling in this art, turning irresistible images into your main attraction.


Securing the required permit significantly reduces the burden, as it represents a major external challenge over which you have minimal control when launching your shawarma venture. Emphasizing cleanliness is crucial; maintaining a pristine environment will effortlessly pass health inspections. It’s imperative to acquire the essential equipment to prepare and sell your shawarmas and to hire competent staff to support your operation. Ultimately, the excellence of your shawarma will speak volumes – after all, a fantastic shawarma sells itself.